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Jul 23, 2023 | Recent Highlights

Our donation to Go Kids Go, a wheelchair training charity extends support to those with mobility challenges, bringing a sense of hope and renewed possibilities to their lives. This charitable endeavour is not merely a financial contribution; it is an investment in the dignity and independence of individuals whose lives have been profoundly impacted by physical limitations.

By supporting this wheelchair training charity, we play a crucial role in providing access to proper training and assistance, enabling recipients to navigate the world with confidence and skill. The charity’s dedicated team of experts and volunteers work tirelessly to equip wheelchair users with essential skills. Through this training, they become self-reliant, breaking free from barriers that once hindered their participation in society.

Read what Go Kids Go Said…

Wheelchair Skills Workshop – Chester

We were absolutely delighted to receive your letter this morning, enclosing a wonderful . donation of£ 1,000 from The Ursula Keyes’ Trust. Please find enclosed your official receipt, duly signed.

This gift will enable us to deliver wheelchair skills training in Chester specifically for children and young people who are physically disabled and wheelchair users. This will include covering key skills such as learning how to back wheel balance, tackle slopes and stairs in a wheelchair, alongside taking part in fun activities such as wheelchair basketball and wheelchair dance.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to the Trustees for their continued support and interest in our work and later in the year I will send you a short update with highlights from the workshop.

With warm regards,

Vicki Hone
Fundraising Manager

A Brief Outline of Go Kids Go

Training across the UK

Go Kids Go is the leading provider of free wheelchair skills training for children in the UK.

Go Kids Go have been running training since 1990; enabling independence and helping to ensure that the young people are able to reach their full potential. We also run disability/wheelchair awareness workshops in mainstream schools for pupils and staff.

Our unique free Courses are practical, fun and an ideal way to meet other young wheelchair users and their families. Go Kids Go relies on donations to help us continue to provide our vital help and support.