Countess Hospital Donation

Dec 20, 2022 | Recent Highlights

The Ursula Keyes Breast Care Centre at the Countess of Chester Hospital was opened in May 2003 to offer fully integrated patient care. It was so named because of the role the Ursula Keyes Trust had in matching the donations from others and from many fundraising activities by the hospital.

Since 2003 the Breast Care Centre has offered the best care possible as technology and innovation in breast care constantly evolves. Now the Ursula Keyes Trust is continuing this tradition of funding excellence in healthcare by donating £69,500, the funds needed to purchase a Faxitron Trident HD Specimen Radiography System which will streamline patient care and speed operations when undergoing breast surgery.

The Faxitron machine takes x-ray images of tissue removed during breast surgery to assess whether the cancerous or calcified mass has been entirely removed and if there is an adequate margin of normal tissue surrounding the abnormality. The machine will now allow this assessment to take place much faster and more reliably, in situ, actually in the operating theatre. This means that the optimum amount of tissue can be quickly assessed and removed to be safe, but to leave as much normal tissue in place as possible. The Faxitron machine also minimises the risk of needing further surgery later which adds to the anxiety experienced by patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Consultant Breast Surgeon and Clinical Lead for Breast Services, Anita Hargreaves said; “The care provided to our patients and the operative standards will be significantly improved with this state-of-the-art Faxitron equipment. On behalf of the team here at the Ursula Keyes Breast Care Centre I would like to thank the Ursula Keyes Trust for supporting us over the years and especially with the funds for this new Faxitron machine.”

Former Breast and Paediatric consultant surgeon at the centre, Elizabeth Redmond, now a Trustee of the Ursula Keyes Trust, added; “This is an important way the Ursula Keyes Trust can make a difference to the community and quality of life in the City. We are proud to be able to support this project which will help our staff, nurses, consultants and above all patients at the Countess of Chester.”